Bassinet Bedding Advice for New Parents

Finding the perfect bassinet bedding for your baby and your home is much more exciting than some of the other tasks you will complete before welcoming your baby into the family, such as stocking up on diapers and diaper rash cream. From simple, minimalist designs to flowing, frilly bassinet skirts, you are bound to find the perfect bassinet bedding to fit your newborn’s needs and suit your style and budget.

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Bassinet bedding includes:

bassinet pad bedding

  1. Mattress pad
  2. A mattress pad cover
  3. Sheets
  4. Blanket
  5. A bassinet skirt with a bassinet liner
  6. A bassinet hood cover
  7. A sleep positioner (This is optional and generally does not come with matching bassinet bedding sets.)

While it is easy to be enticed by intricate embroidery or fluffy bassinet petticoats that make your bassinet skirt full and flowing, function and practicality will naturally be your first priority when selecting bassinet bedding, with fashion a close second. With the wide variety of bassinet bedding and matching bassinet bedding sets available, you will always be able to find an option that matches the décor of your newborn’s nursery, your bedroom, or whichever room in your home where your baby bassinet will reside.

To best select bassinet bedding that will function well for your family, consider the following tips during your decision making process:

1. If you have dogs, cats or other pets with hair that could stick to a floor-length bassinet skirt, you may want to consider bassinet bedding with a shorter skirt that will not require as much cleaning.

2. If you have toddlers or small children that may pull on a long bassinet skirt, you may want to consider a shorter skirt, or a skirt that can be tucked away when your little ones are in the room.

3. When comparing bassinet bedding fabrics, make sure that the fabric you select is washable and will be comfortable and soft for your baby. You can still have the lacey or shimmery outer skirt, as long as the bassinet bedding that will come in contact with your baby is soft and suitable for newborn skin.

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Naturally, style is another important factor when selecting your baby’s bassinet bedding. Not only is your bassinet a piece of furniture that depicts your personal style and becomes part of your overall décor, but it is also the first thing that guests will notice when they come to your home to meet your new baby.

Selecting bassinet bedding is an important, sentimental undertaking that is part of celebrating your family’s new addition. Choosing bassinet bedding that reflects your personal style, is comfortable for your baby, and is functional for your family is an important step in ensuring that you are well-prepared for your baby’s arrival and for a smooth transition into parenthood.

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